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Donkey Kong Unblocked

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Game Description

Donkey Kong is a classic arcade game released by Nintendo in 1981. The player controls Mario as he tries to climb to the top of the level to rescue Pauline from the giant ape Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong throws barrels and other obstacles at Mario to try and stop him.

How to Play Donkey Kong

Movement and Jumping – Use the joystick or arrow keys to move Mario left and right. Press the jump button to make Mario jump over obstacles and climb ladders. Time your jumps carefully.

Climbing Ladders – Move towards a ladder and Mario will automatically climb up. Move left or right at the top to get off.

Avoiding Barrels – Donkey Kong throws barrels that roll down the ramps. Jump over them or avoid them by moving to a clear area.

Breaking Barrels – Mario can destroy barrels by jumping on them from above. This eliminates the threat but also gives fewer points.

Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. An upright arcade machine with a color screen showing the classic 1981 Nintendo game Donkey Kong. Mario jumps over a barrel thrown by Donkey Kong as he tries to climb a construction frame to rescue Pauline at the top while the giant ape watches.


Hammer – If Mario hits a hammer icon, he can destroy barrels and earn more points by striking them directly. The hammer power only lasts for a short time.

Fireball – Rarely, Mario may gain the ability to shoot fireballs upwards to destroy barrels. Make the most of this limited power-up while you have it!

Game Modes

There are several popular game modes that impact the gameplay:

Standard Mode – Beat each level and advance to the next level. This is the main mode focused on rescuing Pauline.

Demo Mode – Play for points on a single level endlessly. Try to achieve a high score.

Multiplayer – In the VS. mode, player one controls Mario while player two causes trouble as Donkey Kong in a competitive battle.

Tips and Tricks Of

Donkey Kong

  • Learn the barrel patterns and time your jumps accordingly
  • Climb ladders quickly to avoid danger below
  • Strike barrels with the hammer whenever possible for more points
  • Pause briefly before jumping for better accuracy
  • Utilizing all movement directions – left, right and upwards – opens up safer paths
  • Keep trying and don’t get frustrated! Each failure gets you closer to mastery
Donkey Kong Unblocked

Mastering Donkey Kong takes practice but pays off with very rewarding gameplay. Follow these tips and have fun rescuing Pauline!